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Visualizing your wildest architectural dreams, one pixel at a time.

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Project typologies ranging from residential, commercial, religious, high-rise, mid-rise, recreational, institutional and interior.


What We Can Do For You

We model, study & analyze, visualize and animate spaces of any size and complexity. Our artists, graphic designers, architectural and interior design visualizers are at your service. You take all the advantages our experts can provide you.

Get photorealistic 3D rendered images of interior, exterior and object scenes to help your clients and customers visually cherish your vision to the very last detail.

Lift your project to the next level with animations that are pulsing with life and awe your clients in your presentations.

Replace the text explanations of your concepts with impressive, intuitive and creative diagrams that will guide your clients to fully understand your intentions and process.

Start all your projects right with our site analysis service that will contextualize your project and provide you with the essential information you need.

Get diagrams, simulations and data that give you all the important environmental factors that are affecting your buildings.

Market your properties effectively with the most cost-effective solution in the market and impress your potential customers with realistic virtual staging.

Plan, design, coordinate, execute and manage your project efficiently with BIM solutions that save your time, minimize waste and make the most use of your resources.

Average presentation boards will downgrade great designs to average. Sell your ideas properly to your clients with impressive layouts that communicate your ideas and are visually pleasing.

Bring your projects to their full protentional and make sure that all the constituent elements are brought together in one fully realized product.

Showcase your projects/property and help your clients properly imagine being and living in your spaces and stand out from the competition.

Who We Are


Perception Design is a Bahrain based agency that specializes in a myriad of visualization based services.

Our team of international talents stands at the ready around the clock to provide creative solutions suitable for every budget to your beloved clients. Efficiency, ambition and a desire to tell a compelling story are on your side.


By hiring Perception Design, you need not worry about presenting your designs, but can shift your focus on the design itself and make it successful with no commitment to full time in-house team. We provide assistance to your practice by outsourcing with no strings attached.

For Perception Design and its team, each project is a unique opportunity to paint a new world. Working from the macro scale of the context and its influences all the way to the micro details, each composition ensures that the clients visions are present in front of them. 


Why Use Us?

Lets compare our services to using traditional methods


Entirely bypass the tedious process of hiring new employees by working with us. i.e.: You don't need to spend time, money and effort in going through resumes, interviews, training and setting up and purchasing workstations and new equipment. ​


Working with an in-house team means you need to deal with vacations, sick days, quarantine and other emergencies. With Perception Design, we take on those responsibilities so you can stay consistent.


By working with Perception Design, you will have no constraints on the amount of projects we can help you with and it will have no effect on the set delivery time.


You will have the ability to run multiple projects simultaneously and you will rest easy knowing that they will all be completed at the same time. i.e.: If you have 5 projects and they all need 3D work to be done on them, you can get all of them done within as little as 5 days with us. However, it can take months with a limited in house team, especially if animations and heavy details are needed.


You can bring in more design projects for your firm without disrupting your workflow or risking overstretching your staff.


With Perception Design, you pay for what you need, with a seamless all online process and with no commitment and no hidden or running fees.


By working with Perception Design, you will always get the best quality for the needed tasks. This is extremely expensive to achieve with an in-house team. i.e.: An in-house team may have an expert 3D modeler who is weak at animations, therefore, all the firms animation works are lacking in quality. Perception Design has experts in a variety of specialties and you will always have the desired quality within an arm's reach.

This Is How We Do It

Fully digitalized from start to finish, our workflow is straightforward and stress-free.

Contact us by WhatsApp, email or fill the form below and tell us what you're looking for.

Send us your drawings, models and/or images so we can review them.

We send you our offer, you check it and sign it.

Send us the agreed upon advanced payment and we get started on your project.

Drafts are made and assessed by our team.

The final touches and details are added to your project and assessed.

Your masterpiece is directly sent to your email.

Why Use Us

Lets Get Down To Business

Simple plans. Simple prices. Only pay for what you really need. Most plans come with 2 complementary revisions.

  • Great for quick drafts.

  • Standard quality for images, videos and diagrams.

  • Up to 2 Revisions.

  • Limited support.

  • Great overall.

  • High quality for images, videos and diagrams.

  • Up to 3 Revisions.

  • Extended support.

  • Great for real estate projects, professionals and competitions.

  • Best quality.

  • More than 3 Revisions. 

  • Unlimited support.

Keeping It Simple

Seamless, streamlined and secure payment methods make your life simple.  



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Initial consultations and quotes are always free.

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